In a music lovers life there are always moments that you will never forget and hearing one of the biggest, loudest and fastest bands on the planet is one of them.


What were you doing?  Where were you?  Did you just happen to turn on the radio?  Catch them as an opening act in the 80's?  When was the first time that you heard the mighty Metallica?

It had to be quite the experience!  Kirk Hammet's ripping guitar solos, James Hatfield's booming voice, there is so much to Metallica that makes them awesome that one thing has to draw you in.  Listening to Cliff Burton's insane bass playing on the first three albums is something you don't really get to hear when listening to thrash.  I love Jason Newstead, but Cliff was more than just a bass player.  It was like art when he was on stage.  I believe it was Kirk Hammet that said that Cliff Burton played the bass as if he were playing the guitar.  That's something I think is key to Metallica being so unique to heavy metal.

My first experience with the band was when I was in high school and really discovering the kind of music I liked.  I was listening to some late night radio and the played "One".  When it first started it was so beautiful and melodic, but then turned into that super aggressive middle and end.  Holy crap!  What was this?  They were playing so fast.  Then when the song ended the DJ came out of it with such passion about how much he loved the song, I was sure he experienced the same thing I did.  I thought, "how cool to be able to play a song you love for everyone to hear, and also get others to love it."  That moment was also when I decided that I might want to work in radio.

So when was the first time you heard Metallica?  I want to know.  Some of you younger guys out there may have heard newer stiff first and maybe some of you older fans got to hear a first copy of Kill em' All, and that would be totally kick ass.

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