There are 50 state capitals, Albany cant be too low on the list right? I guess that just depends on how it's ranked.

I read an article that the Times Union did recently from WalletHub. It ranked the best and worst state capitals by a couple of different factors. One being how affordable things are, such as houses, rent and food. I hear from out-of-town relatives that everything in NY is expensive. Which makes complete sense, our state is home to the largest city in the world. One of the other factors was the education. I think we do okay with that. HVCC, UAlbany, RPI and Union. All great schools. One of the others was quality of life. This is where I begin scratching my head. How do you measure quality of life? This was all done using information from the U.S. Census Bureau so I'll assume it's legit.

Lets get to the surrounding capitals and where they rank, First up Montpelier, VT. They rank in the top ten, coming in at 7th. Only a few hours outside of Albany and lets face it, Vermont is a pretty cool state. They do extremely well in the education category while both the affordability and quality of life is right up the middle. Not a far drive and if you ever wanted to move, this may be a good idea to start with.

Hartford, CT. They did not fair nearly as well as Vermont did. It seems they came in dead last in this. By their study this is the worst state capital in the United States. Why? I couldn't tell ya. I've never been. All I know is at one time they were the home of the NHL's Hartford Whalers. Other than that I know that their schools aren't too bad. Which shows, they rank the 19th best in that category.

Other than Vermont. I think this is a bum deal for the northeast. Harrisburg, PA comes in at 40th. Boston, MA comes in at 41st. Trenton, NJ at 45th (but who doubted that?). Now onto Albany.

The hustling and bustling capital of our great state. Albany, NY. Drum roll please! We rank 35th overall on this list by Wallethub. Judging by our surrounding states, I'll take it. Look we have a bad reputation here and no offense do tourists even know Albany exists? I've sat back and thought most people hear "I'm from upstate New York" translates to "Oh not New York City?" Albany however has high prices for rent and resources. While our schools are great and rank 15th overall in the country our economy sucks. On the plus side, apparently our quality of life is the 11th best. Id say otherwise but hey the U.S. Census Bureau knows all and can gather this by pay stubs. Seems fair.

Do you agree? Check it out with much more detail at the link below.

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