It's time to let out your inner schoolboy and laugh at things that shouldn't be laughed at. New York is full of towns with crazy names, and some happen to be right near the Albany area.

Who knew that the people who founded this great country had such filthy minds. Or maybe it's just us whose minds are in the gutter. Either way, these town names are awesome. There are quite a few oddly named places, and surprisingly a lot of them are right near the Albany area.

South of Albany, Greene County seems to have the most of the inappropriate names. We'll look no further than Gayhead. It has to be an early front runner. Climax also happens to be located in Greene County. Perhaps you have to go through Gayhead before you can get to Climax? Or maybe it's Coxsackie you have to head through first? Either way, we want to get to Climax. Just point us in the right direction.

A little further south near New York City is a place where we can only assume has a lot of seaside homicides - Fishkill, NY.

If you head north of Albany, you land in Saratoga county. That happens to be home to Lick Springs. It's a small town just outside of Saratoga Springs. How did it get it's name? We have no idea, but we bet it's not the most sanitary place.

Now lets head West on I-88. Once you hit Oneonta, keep going a little further till you reach Butternuts, NY. It's a delicate place, so please be gentle.

Obviously there are a lot more places that we didn't get to, so send us in any names we left out. Vote for your favorite below.