'Avengers' assembled into theaters across America this weekend, and the crowds are loving it.  The only thing better then watching an action packed movie, is a nice healthy debate.

Normally, you wouldn't catch me at a weekend movie premiere.  Few occasions have got me to brave the crowds.  The Lord of the Rings films, 'Star Wars: Episode III', and so far, all the films associated with 'Avengers'.  What could be better then all your favorite childhood heroes in one film?

The answer is simple.  Nothing.  The first two 'Iron Man' films were awesome, and 'Captain America' and 'Thor' followed suit.  We'll forget that Edward Norton played Bruce Banner for a bit, because he no longer counts, though his version was pretty good.

I digress.  What we want to know is which Avenger would you want to tangle with the least?  Obviously they could all beat our faces in without blinking, but who would be best at it, while also having a certain swagger about them?  That, is a certified badass.  My vote goes to Thor.  He's a demigod who wields a thunder and lightning powered hammer.  Not to mention he wouldn't have much trouble with the ladies.  'Nuff said.  So who gets your vote?