Back at the tail end of Winter I was taking one of my weekend rides, passing by 1,000 different street and town signs along the way. One in particular caught my eye boasting "The only one on earth"! I had to turn around to read the statement again.

Sure enough, the sign read "Welcome to the only Stephentown on earth"! After researching it I have learned that it is indeed accurate! Now Stephentown can add another exclusive to brag about. Actor Tom Hanks!

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According to NBC 13, the Stephentown Typewriter Company received a letter from the one and only Tom Hanks. Why would the world famous actor of "Forrest Gump", "Castaway", "Saving Private Ryan" and the "Toy Story" franchise send a letter to a Rensselear County typewriter shop?

In 2016 Tom Hanks starred in a documentary about typewriters called California Typewriter. Around the same time Hanks released a book of short stories titled Uncommon Type. Scott Connors, owner of Stephentown Typewriter Company, was so impressed he felt compelled to type Hanks a letter stating:

Dear Tom, if there's a patron saint of typewriters, you're it. - Scott Connors

I couldn't tell you if Connors expected a reply or not but he got one. There it was one day, sitting in his mailbox, a typewritten letter from Tom Hanks.

Hanks opens and closes the letter, which is now framed and on display at Stephentown Typewriter Company, with:

Scott - I feel your pain and share your joys. Throw deep - Tom Hanks 

If you ever find yourself in Stephentown, stop by the Typewriter Company at 12 Willow Way, say hello to Scott and maybe you will see the letter.

Every town has their own thing, now Stephentown, New York may be known for being one of a kind for more than one reason.

Photo - Lainie Rae
Photo - Lainie Rae

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