I can still remember the Chuck E. Cheese's in the Northway Mall, the game parlor, the concert hall where you ate and how I was always too terrified by the singing robots to eat so I cried instead.


My memories of the Chuck E. Cheese's at the Northway Mall have been ruined by the modern Chuck E. Cheese's, I've been to the Chuck E. Cheese's in Latham Farms a handful of times with my son and it's not the same.

It's not a Game Parlor anymore, it's more like a Game Area. There is no concert hall for the robot band to make me cry and they have all the kids crawling around in some weird hamster maze that touches the ceiling.

The modern Chuck E. Cheese's is like electronic stimulation, a jungle gym, and a restaurant crammed into a small room.

The modern Chuck E. Cheese's disappoints me because it's not what I remember and most of all it disappoints me because of all the adults getting into fist fights.

At least there still something to scare me when I eat at Chuck E. Cheese's.

Here is an entire playlist of Chuck E. Cheese's fights.

In conclusion: The singing robots at Chuck E. Cheese's made me cry as a kid because I was scared. All the fights breaking out at the modern Chuck E. Cheese's just makes me sad.


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