Either you are this person or you know someone who is, the one wearing headphones at work. Would it surprise you to know that a majority do it to avoid interactions with others? Probably not, but the average person between the ages of 18-34 does wear headphones close to four hours a day.

Is avoiding interactions with others the only reason though? We have the answers.

In the latest report from Critical Max called the SOL REPUBLIC Music Snapshot, over 1,000 millennials were polled to see how headphones are integrated in to their lives. Turns out that headphones are just as important to them as their cellphones. In the report they refer to demo as the 'headphone generation' and here's why:

The average adult 18-34 owns around three pairs of headphones, with different varieties for a various activities. These activities include working out at the gym, community to work, creating 'walls' at work to avoid interaction, and unwinding.

Breaking it down just a bit more:

  • 73% of millenials said they wore headphones at work to create those 'walls'
  • 43% utilize their headphones to listen to music and unwind at the end of the day.
  • 53% said they wore their headphones four or more hours a day

We guess the final note on this is if your coworker is wearing a pair of headphones or ear buds, leave them alone.