New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick is a no nonsense and fascinating guy.  He has dull press conferences, doesn't get excited or joke and on the outside is all business.  He doesn't care what people think or think about him. The one thing Bill does know is how to win and wears the most popular NFL sideline clothing apparel, his signature grey hoodie.  The story of why Bill wears the hoodie is somewhat a legend, as so many players have re-told the story.

Bill wasn't very happy when the NFL signed a deal with Reebok that required coaches to wear approved sideline apparel.    Since there was no way to opt of the deal and after looking at the selection of clothing he could wear,  Bill selected the most unstylish outfit  - The grey hooded sweatshirt.  He began to wear it every week and even cut the sleeves to make it more unattractive.

The irony is the BB Hooded Sweatshirt is now one of the most popular sellers, comes in many colors including womens sizes and sells for about $80.

When asked why he chose the hooded sweatshirt, Bill says "It's comfortable and I can put stuff in my pouch".   About cutting off the sleeve's Bill explained that his arms are short.

In all Bill is a very fascinating guy, he knows football, tells great stories and lists Jon Bon Jovi as one of his close friends.

This weekend is Super Bowl XLVI between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots, one thing is for certain -  You will see Bill Belichick roaming the sidelines wearing his grey signature hoodie.  Bet on it!