Axe throwing bars seem to be under attack by the New York government and the State Liquor Authority and I really don't understand why. At a time when it seems like businesses are getting the green light to reopen or expand their business Axe Throwing establishments are being told to close down or risk fines.

According to the article at Spectrum News several area axe throwing "Hatched Houses" were visited by the New York Liquor Authority and told that they were violating an executive order from Governor Cuomo and they would have to comply or shut down.

The supposed violation is that you're not allowed to be standing in a restaurant or bar and that you have to be seated. When seated you can take your mask off. The Liquor Authority says that standing up and axe throwing, even with a mask on is in violation of this order.

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Leyla Kiosse, who owned The Yard, in Albany told the Times Union that the investigator from the Liquor Authority told her that axe throwing and serving alcohol were incompatible under the coronavirus guidelines and it could be one or the other, but not both. So she cancelled all her axe throwing reservations while she figured out how to fight this. In another axe-throwing spot, Far Shot, the owner surrendered their liquor license so that customers could continue to throw axes.

Here's the thing, isn't axe throwing basically like bowling? You sit and eat and drink and then you have a turn to throw a ball or axe, and then return to your seat where you eat and drink. Seems like a no-brainer to me...if bowling alleys are allowed to be open then why not axe throwing. Of course, you do this while wearing a's stupid not to use the same rules for both establishments...they are essentially the same.

When you go to The Yard's website this message pops up.

The Yard/Steve King

In the meantime, axe throwing establishments will have to choose between being a bar/restaurant or a sporting place that lets you throw sharpened steel at targets. Hummmm I can think of someone's picture these places might want to use are targets.


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