It's been widely known for a while that many people seem to be moving out of New York at a fast pace. But maybe the reason is one you haven't thought of.

According to a study done by United Van Lines, New York has the third highest rate of people moving out of a state. The two higher states are Illinois and New Jersey. That where the theory begins.

While yes I am sure many people are leaving upstate. It also could boil down to people leaving New York City. Think about it. There are 8.5 million people living in the metropolis. That's almost half of the population of the entire state. It also is very expensive to live there. So, my theory is New York City forcing people out who cannot afford to even live on the outskirts anymore.

There is also the idea that New York Cities economy makes it hard for the rest of the state with taxes too. I am not going down that road.

That's just a theory. I am no expert on this matter though. Why do you think people are leaving the state?

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