It may seem insane to do this for 2018 before 2017 ends but there is actually a great reason as to why you should at least think about it.

The ultimate reason comes down to the Republican tax plan that is set to take effect on January 1st. Now I am no politician or someone who claims to know much about this sort of thing. However, from what I read on the Times Union it will benefit you to do it prior to the new year if you can. That way you can get a deduction that the new plan will affect.

On the flip side of this, I am going to look at this in a more feasible way. How the hell is someone going to pay their property taxes in the week between Christmas and New Years. I mean sure if you can great. Most people though this time of year have spent most of their money on Christmas gifts.

Will you be paying your taxes early? Read more on the matter at the Times Union link below.