Looks like it's a possibility the Capital Region could be literally 'Trapped Under Ice' when Metallica arrives in town next week.

Okay, maybe trapped under ice is a bit much but apparently there is a very real possibility that our first real taste of winter could come with some snow this weekend and threaten to dampen not only the weekend but Halloween as well.

Apparently meteorologists at the National Weather Service in Albany are keeping a close eye on several storms that if they connect could create a Nor'easter. According to the Times Union while it is still too soon to tell exactly what sort of precipitation we will be getting they are saying that it is likely that it will be more than just snow and probably a wintry mix of snow and rain.

Snow for Halloween is not uncommon in Upstate New York but I gotta be honest, I am not ready for winter yet. For some reason I am having a hard time adjusting to the 40 degree days we have been having and I would be okay if winter wanted hold off just a little bit longer. In the meantime I guess it might be time to start unpacking all our winter wear because either way winter is coming.