Sometimes the stress of being late keeps us from thinking rationally. Clearly the case in this video. A women who is upset that there is a cab in the road that will not move takes it on herself to move the cab with her car.

Not sure how the insurance industry works in South American where this video was filmed, but I wouldn't think they would pay for your road rage. If you factor time and place, I guess it's a possibility that the women in this video is drunk seeing that there are large crowds of people standing outside bars and she choose to drive down that street in the first place.

Not long ago I pulled into a parking lot to look up directions. while parked in a parking spot an elderly couple pulled up behind me and parked sideways directly behind me. After a little toot of my horn, I did not receive a reaction from the couple. No big deal their older and mostly confused to where the sound came from. So this time I decided to get a little longer sounding of my horn. Still no reaction from the couple. My next thought was after a million point turn I could get free from my position. Just as I am bout to make it free the big SUV with Mass plates started to move. Giving a glance in the passenger window I see the little old lady give me the finger. After some more jockeying on the way out of the parking I finaly made it out of the parking lot with out hitting them. I'm sure they just pulled over to use the phone or something but they had no plans on being courteous. So I understand what this lady was thinking but there is no doubt in my mind that she is just crazy.