Movember is not just for dudes I guess. Also is it weird that this chicks beard makes me feel like less of a man?

Growing a mustache during the month of November is a classic tradition people do to help support and raise money in awareness to prostate cancer. It’s a good cause to help fight cancer and an even better cause to help promote the growth of totally Rad mustaches. According to ABCNEWS a woman in England has decided to participate this year and grow out her beard. Apparently she has a pre existing condition that causes her to grow facial hair and it’s totally easy for her to grow one.

Must be nice lady, growing a beard like a man with zero effort. Mean while I sit here with the beard that looks as if I got super sweaty and someone just through a fist full of pubes at my face. I have patches like the pants of a sad clown. I respect what you’re doing lady but I can’t help but to be super jealous as well.


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