First semen in the cupcakes and now period blood in coffee? I swear food network shows like “Chopped” and “Sweet Genius” are giving people the idea to try some stupid ingredients.

According to the Huffington Post a maid in Singapore allegedly put menstrual blood in her boss’ coffee. I can only assume he noticed something was wrong when his coffee tasted like some old rusty coins. But I cant understand why this guy is so bent out of shape, I see that as flirting. I mean this is Singapore we are talking about, don’t they eat slim eels and shit over there. I’d take a little caffeinated baby waste over a mouth full of slimy snot jizzing eels any day.

I guess what I’m struggling with most is how exactly did this women collect the blood she put in the coffee, did she wring out her tampon like a wet towel over his mug or squat right over it. Either way I can’t wait to watch the next season of “Chopped” and have people open their baskets to this secret mandatory ingredient. Yum!

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