Which celebrity has been spotted around the Capital Region and Upstate New York this week? I would say this performer is world famous and a household name to anyone over 30 years-of-age. Any guesses?

This musician was seen getting his haircut, walking down the street in Albany and was even spotted shopping in Walmart! You won't believe what he was shopping for. Let's see what an encounter with this legend was like this week in New York.

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The world famous celebrity spotted around the Capital Region and beyond this week is Vincent Furnier! You would know him best as Alice Cooper! What the heck was Alice Cooper doing in Walmart?

Photo courtesy of Rocky Fiore
Photo courtesy of Rocky Fiore

Alice Cooper performed at the Palace Theatre in Albany Friday night. On his way to the Capital Region he stopped at the Johnson City, NY Walmart. Sheralee Fiore spotted Alice and his wife in the store. (This is a picture of her friend Brandi with Alice) Shaeralee's brother Rocky, also known as Amazing Demon Boy, tells me that Alice was "buying Halloween decorations for his tour bus and his wife was pushing the shopping cart."

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Urgo
Photo courtesy of Jonathan Urgo

Friday morning, Jonathan Urgo was setting up sidewalk tables at his restaurant, Jonathan's Pizza on Pearl Street in Albany,

It was about 11:30 Friday morning when I saw Alice Cooper and his wife walking by. I struck up a quick conversation with him and asked for a picture. He was cool about it even said let me take off my sunglasses. - Jonathan Urgo

If you spend youe life on stage you have to look good right? Alice Cooper reportedly stopped by an Albany salon to get a haircut before the Palace Theatre show Friday. Check out this Facebook post from the Palace.

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