Many stalkers are sad today, because last week, a company that had created the "Girls Around Me" app, that showed you women in your near by vicinity, was pulled from the iTunes App Store. It was based on information gathered from Foursquare and Facebook. When users complained about this app, Foursquare blocked it, now the developer has pulled it, and he's kind of called the kettle black.

World's Creepiest App

Based on the info available someone shares publicly on Foursquare, someone could "virtually" follow you around and also look up your Facebook profile, and see your public info. If you haven't tweaked your security settings to block what you want blocked, they could see whatever was set to public. How is this any different than what someone could do right now without this app?

Could this app have been used for not so nice means? Oh hell yes, no one can argue that one, except maybe the developer. But there is some hypocrisy out there with apps like these. And the fact that this "stalker app" used information that you can get straight from Foursquare and Facebook kind of tells me that this app is not entirely the evil tool it's being made out to be.

If you've ever used Foursquare, you know that you "Check In" to a place to let people know you are there. The more you do this, you earn rewards. And Foursquare gets an idea of where you go to shop so they can sell that info to advertisers.  Same thing with Facebook, in their collection of data on you. So anyone could use this data to follow you. The government, your ex, or even your boss! So why was this app any more dangerous that Facebook or Foursquare? If you can control who can see your information on these sites, then that info is also blocked to the "Stalker App".

Is this because it was for finding women? What if it was for finding men? But there is something like that out there for the gay community called Grinder. It allows someone to find other gay people around you. Should this app be blocked because you can "stalk" someone? I'm thinking there are some double-standards at work here. This app simply makes it easier for people to see the information out there. What do you think about this?