With nearly 7,000 piercings, you'd think the only thing Elaine Davidson could attract is a refrigerator magnet.

But you'd be wrong.

Davidson, who has more piercings than anyone on the planet, got married Wednesday in Britain. She has a mind-boggling 6,925 piercings, including 50 in her lady parts.

And in a case that proves opposites do indeed attract, the 46-year-old Davidson exchanged vows with Douglas Watson, an unassuming retired man in his 60s, who has a grand total of zero piercings.

Watson managed to fill the one hole Davidson never had done when he won her heart. He said, "She's an incredible woman. People think its unconventional but that is the woman she is and people love her for it."

The newlyweds, who've known each other for 15 years, live in Edinburgh, Scotland where Davidson runs an aromatherapy business.

While the pair may leave others at a loss for words, one friend said, "She and Douglas may look like they come from different worlds but they are soul mates."

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