Girls dream of the day when a guy drop down to one knee and ask the question of questions. Sometimes that moment is in a romantic setting. Sometimes that moment is somewhere special to the couple. Then there's this moment.

Popping up all over the internet is the above picture that the new bride-to-be posted saying she excepted the proposal.

Yes,  this Romeo put the engagement ring in the bun of a chicken sandwich.

We would have to assume that there is some touching story behind the chicken sandwich, could be the place they met or had their first meal together. No matter what, we can only hope that the wedding doesn't take place at whatever restaurant this came from because that would just this story to a whole new level of trashy.

Comments have been flying around the net since the picture went viral including one on Awesomephilia saying:

you know when you’re my type of girl when you accidentally eat the ring because you were so hungry that you don’t bother...

Thoughts? Ladies, would this be an acceptable proposal?

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