1996 was the year of my first ever trip to Yankees Stadium.  Not only did I have an opportunity to see a professional ball game for a baseball team that I was obsessed with, but my first game was in the year of a dream team.  A team with the likes of David Cone, Wade Boggs, Joe Girardi, Derek Jeter, Dwight Gooden, Paul O'Neill, Tino Martinez, Bernie Williams, and many more players that I collected cards and followed stats on.

While I was a huge fan of Bernie's for his ball playing, I also can always remember him being associated with a love for music and guitar as well.  Now, as reported by the Times Union, the ex-Yankee has found guitar taking up much of his time.  In the report, he discusses his current guitar playing, as well as what an outlet music was outside of the ball field.  While most people will remember Bernie forever for his legacy as a Yankee, his passion for music led him to recently get a Bachelor of Music degree, play with the likes of Twisted Sister, as well as get awarded a nomination for the 2009 Latin Grammy Awards.

Being a huge music and baseball fan myself, I was excited this week to give out tickets to the Baseball Hall of Fame for Q103's WorkDay Distraction.  I'll be heading to a Yankees game this week (and cheering extra loud), but Yankee fan or not, music and baseball is something to get behind!

Credit: Al Bello/Getty Images