There is one small thing that is needed to get the wings, it's something most of us would do with pleasure.

So at Hooters you could see the appeal for a single man: the boobs, blah blah blah. Beyond that it is hard to deny that they have some pretty good wings. Well on Valentines Day they are looking to be a destination for the singles out there who don't have a date. Are you willing to shred a photo of your ex? If so free hot wings could be all yours, no date to share with.

Now you actually aren't shredding the photo. Its even easier than that. So they have a link on their site where you answer a couple easy questions about your ex. How long it lasted, how you met, etc.. Upload a photo and watch it shred on your screen. Pretty easy huh? I did it and now have a coupon, it works. So if your single and want that satisfaction along with wings. Check out the link below. After all we do have a Hooters in the Capital Region.

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