I love wings, for the most part, I have been making my own for years. But nothing, and I mean nothing beats some wings whether it be at a bar or a pizza joint.

I make my own for a few reasons, one it's not an expensive meal. Two, I love to cook. But man, I cannot seem to replicate wings you get from a takeout place. I have tried, over and over again. I like to boast about the Garlic Ginger wings I make, not my recipe, but who cares. Anyway, on to the best wing places in the Capital Region.

We are blessed to have so many amazing wing places. Wings are the food I would say is the state food of New York. Here are the top five places for wings according to the Times Union.

  1. Rusty Nail in Clifton Park
  2. The Ruck in Troy
  3. The Towne Tavern in Averill Park
  4. Wings Over Albany on Western Ave.
  5. 20 North Broadway Tavern in Schenectady

How many of these have you had?

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