Not quote sure if I agree with this one.  A list came out recently on the website Thrillist ranking states with the most miserable winters.

Clearly, I had to take a peek.  Being from New York, we don’t have the easiest winters, but we certainly don’t have the worst.  However, I honestly didn’t agree where New York landed on the list.

According to Thrillist, New York came in at #20.  Ok, not a bad spot.  However, they ranked us as having a WORSE winter than Vermont, and better than Massachusetts.  Now that ranking I disagree with.  I lived in northern Vermont for many years.  Sure there’s skiing to distract, but New York has more ski mountains as a whole. So we’re not worse off there.  Vermont? NEVER plowed the roads.  You were lucky if you got a single lane plowed down the middle of a two lane highway.  New York?  As bad as the roads can be, still way better than VT.  Maybe all of the snow in Buffalo is skewing us (they mentioned that on the list).  But I completely disagree than we have worse winters than Vermont.

And where does Massachusetts get off being ranked as having worse winters than us? If Buffalo is skewing our stats so we rank worse than Vermont, then Massachusetts certainly shouldn’t be worse than us.  What are your thoughts?