Tomorrow is St. Paddy's Day. I know it's Paddy and not Patty because I blog about this every year. I also remind the Capital Region of the "4 I's of drinking."

St. Patrick's Day 2016
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  • You are not Invisible:

We can see you peeing on the sidewalk, we can see you doing the big spit on the sidewalk, please stop doing gross things on the sidewalk.

We can see you getting it on at the bar, under the table, in the bathroom, we can all see your dirty sloppy drunk love as you and you drunkenly roll all over each other like a couple of sloppy noodles.

We can see that you're drunk so don't drive.

  • You are not Invincible:

If you get into a fight it will hurt, if you drink too much you can die and not just from alcohol poisoning. You can fall down stairs or off of your bar stool and hit your head on something.

Some people get drunk and do stupid things like: Try to run through a wall, break things with their body especially their head. They do these things because the alcohol makes some people feel invincible but you are not, especially if you decide to drink and drive.

  • You are not Intelligent:

Every idea that pops in your drunken little head is not a good idea, for example: You can have an accident that will ask you how you met their mother?

  • You are Intoxicated:

Tomorrow when you are drinking remember the four I's: You are not Invisible, Invincible or Intelligent but you are Intoxicated.

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