We have all seen them, old license plates that clearly need to be replaced. Well, if you have one. Maybe you should do just that.

I have a set of plates that are about 6 years old. They have a bit of wear and tear, especially the front one. When you think you have room and move forward and tap a bumper, of course, you would have wear and tear. Not that I have ever done that... Unlike me with a bent front license plate, you see many on the roads with peeling license plates. There are some that are just down to the metal with little design left to them. These are the people who are in trouble.

New York State Police will not hesitate to give you a ticket on this matter. Whether it is peeling or bubbling up. So be careful.

On a side note, Let me ask the state something I bet you are thinking right about now.

Why on earth are all of these plates built to wear out after a couple years? Why in the hell is the paint peeling so quickly? I am sorry, if our yesteryear plates could last a lifetime why can ours not?

New York, my opinion. If you re building faulty plates, YOU pay for them.