It's like a candy cane lane only scarier!

Backyard Cinema's Zombie Apocalypse Pop Up Screenings Let Loose In East London
Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images for Backyard Cinema

This has got to be one of the coolest things I have come across here in the Capital Region in a while.

A house on Wade Rd. in Colonie has a full on "Walking Dead"-like zombie display going on in their front yard and it is AMAZING! I've always been into horror films, the super natural, and freakish things, so obviously Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. So to come across a display such as this is right up my ally.

The owner of the "Zombie Land" estimates she has something along the lines of 80 zombie mannequins posted up in her yard for her Halloween display. According to News10, her collection started as something of a family tradition with her kids and has continued to this day.

Apparently, as the collection gets bigger and bigger, she had been unloading some of the zombie mannequins by selling them to people who came to visit the display as a way to earn some extra cash and make room for next year's additions I'm sure. However since her husband passed away and she moved to Colonie with her new boyfriend, the town has unfortunately put a stop to that.

The best part is the display is still up and will be until Halloween. So the question now is who's ready to go for a late night drive down Wade Road?!