Thanksgiving is tomorrow!! The wait is over. Get ready to stuff you face full of turkey. Here are 10 interesting facts I bet you did not know about Turkey Day!

1. 91% of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving ( umm what else would they eat on turkey day?)

2. There is fossil evidence that turkeys were roaming the earth 10 million years ago.

3. Thomas Jefferson thought the concept of Thanksgiving was "the most ridiculous idea I’ve ever heard."

4. 50% of Americans put the stuffing inside the Turkey.

5. More than 40 million green bean casseroles are served on Thanksgiving. But not at my house i hate green bean casserole!

6. One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving traditions....The 'wishbone' of the turkey is used in a good luck ritual on Thanksgiving Day.

7. The First Thanksgiving lasted for 3 days. (Well that sounds like a party to me!)

8. Benjamin Franklin wanted the national bird to be a turkey.

9. 20% of cranberries eaten are eaten on Thanksgiving.

10. The first Thanksgiving was not a feast, but rather a time when Native Americans helped Pilgrims by bringing them food and helping them build off the land.