All 46 Adirondack peaks have officially been climbed by the 10,000th person.

According to The Daily Gazette, Canton, NY native Justin Todd ( a physical education teacher and basketball coach) recently completed a challenge of climbing all 46 high peaks of the Adirondacks. Todd had injured his shoulder last summer and decided to make his attempt after realizing he needed to keep moving to maintain his health. He said, "I started doing the high peaks and got addicted. It started with just doing a few, then it was I would do half and then it was I have to get all of these." The journey has been documented and made official with the ADK 46ers, a hiking group formed in the 1920's which blazed new paths up the state's highest mountains. "The mountains's were really good to me, and I'm honored to be in the club!! I can't believe I'm #10,000" Todd said on Facebook.

Check out the article from The Daily Gazette here.

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