We had some big news this year, but we also had some pretty weird stuff as well.  These are the things that made us go "ugh?" this year. You won't believe some of the odd balls that made head lines in the news this year.  Now this is the kind of stuff that comes up on a very slow news day, but some of it ends up going viral on the internet and thank god for that.

I for one love slow news days.  Without them I don't think we would have experienced the awesomeness that is Antoine Dodson and his "hide your kids, hide your wife and Hide your husbands because they're rapin' everybody out here".  That auto tune made them enough money to buy a house and get his family out of the projects.  Do you remember the smoking toddler?  he grabbed the number 13 spot, if you haven't seen the video of this kid who smokes 40 cigarettes a day then please hit play:

Nothing says responsible parent like giving your baby a smoke.  There are so many more on this list so you'll want to check it out here.  Oh, did I mention there is a man from China on it that put on a disguise to prove all white people look alike?  Enjoy.