Instead of hitting up the typical places we all know, which are great. How about you try some of these. Go down the list, let us know how many you have been to.

Now Albany may get a bad rep when it comes to crime and such but one thing we certainly do pretty damn well is food. The list below shows there are some amazing restaurants you one either love, two never heard of and three need to try.

  • Sams Italian American
  • The Cheese Traveler
  • Bake For You
  • Vans Vietnamese
  • The Low Beat
  • Taiwan Noodle
  • New World Bistro Bar
  • Cheesecake Machismo (Randy Savage would have loved this place)
  • Cardona's Market
  • City Beer Hall
  • La Empanada Llama
  • A Better Bite
  • Cider Belly
  • Cafe Capriccio
  • The Ginger Man
  • Angelo's 677 Prime
  • Wolff's Biergarten
  • The Orchard Tavern
  • El Loco
  • Sovrana's
  • Teds Fish Fry
  • The Barnsider
  • Iron Gate Cafe
  • Capital Q Smokehouse

This list of the 24 can't miss restaurants in Albany was compiled by, to make the list even more fun let us know how many of these eateries you have been to. Also feel free to give us opinions on any of them and other places that should be on the list.