If you've never heard of 2Cellos then you're missing out. European cellists Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser are world-wide musicians who are best known in the U.S. for their amazing covers of classic songs. They have so far released two albums and recently debuted their official music video for AC/DC's tune "Thunderstruck." Watch it below. 

Sulic and Hauser hail from Croatia and were both cello prodigies. They actually started out as rivals, but then decided to join forces, and with that came their first duo album in 2011, simply titled 2Cellos. They take classic songs and cover them, turning them into flowing, moving pieces of string music that mix mostly American music with European influence.

You can easily get into these guys, as you are already familiar with the songs, only now they’re solely instrumental. It’s a different perspective and way of hearing the songs as we known them now, but it really brings you into another dimension full of dark joy, anticipation and modern classical music.

Their second full-length album, titled In2ition, came out in January of last year.

Their newest endeavor, taking on a classic tune by a classic band, can be seen below:

We cover songs that we love and we play music that we are passionate about. These songs have to mean something to us, and of course, they have to sound great on the cello.