Pizza is something we all know and love. Sadly, if you don't live in Troy, you probably have never had these. And you definitely haven't heard of them.

If you indeed are from the Collar City, these are staples. For me growing up there were only 3 places, these are the 3. So what, call me bias. Seriously though, when I talk to people from Troy, they all know these locations. They all love these locations.

So lets get to them.

  • Testo's in Lansingburgh
  • Jimmy's Pizza in Lansingburgh
  • Red Front in South Troy

My dad who was born, raised, and also a life long resident of Troy used to rave about Notty Pine pizza also. I have had it, I don't know what all of the fuss was about there. Maybe I am wrong on that one.

So yeah, Testo's, I always get Pepperoni and Bacon. They have a doughy square pie that is to die for. Their sauce, my god.

Jimmy's is your typical pizza but at the same time not typical. A good choice that will never make you regret ordering it. They also have been in business for almost 40 years.

Red Front, tried and true for me. I have gotten numerous varieties of their za, but nothing adds up to their meat lovers pizza for me.

Any I am missing? Am I wrong? Let us know!

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