Christmas is one week away!

That first line was a reminder because according to a new survey by Consumer Reports, 31% of holiday shoppers have yet to buy a single gift yet. While another 49% say they were half way done.

Of course, not buying anything so far or only being partially done can add stress to your life on top of being prepared for the holiday. 64% of shoppers say they have "everything under control," 36% were feeling somewhat stressed, and 6% were overwhelmed.

Consumer Reports senior editor Tod Marks commented on the study:

Even though this year there's less days on the calendar to get their holiday shopping done, there are still quite a bit of procrastinators out there.

The 11 percent who told us they've completely finished shopping already have certainly saved themselves the stress of frantically searching for last-minute gifts.

So how and who are shoppers spending their money on this holiday season?

  • 39% - Children
  • 29% - Significant Other
  • 11% - Parent
  • 5% - Sibling
  • 3% Friend

Most shoppers felt they had control over their spending but 36% were concerned about overspending this year.



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