Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you're a 4 year-old searching for a slushie at 3 A.M.

A 4 year-old girl in Philadelphia decided she needed a slushie at 3 a.m. So she popped the lock on her back door and got on a bus. Seriously, the city of Philadelphia, you need to pay more attention to your surroundings.

How did this little girl get on the bus without bus fare? The Times Union is reporting that there is surveillance video of the little girl talking to other passengers on the train. I'm assuming they were all drunk and thought she was a figment of their repressed childhood.

The bus driver did stop the bus and contacted authorities who brought her to a hospital before reuniting her with very grateful parents. Officials say they don't plan on pressing charges. I'm not sure exactly who charges could be pressed on in this situation, but good luck trying the 4 year-old, she'll walk right out of that courtroom, unless of course there's a slushie machine.

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