The holidays are here and I'm sure you're trying to figure out the perfect gifts for everyone on your list. If one of them is a rocker that listens to Q1057, I think we can help you out.

Here are five gift ideas that range from $5.95 to $924.99. Oh, and one bonus for that rock and roll fan in your life....or for yourself, we won't judge.


What is more rock and roll than the iconic Marshall Amp? Used by everyone from Jimi Hendrix to Judas Priest, this one is a little extra special....because it's also a mini fridge. You will be the envy of all your friends when you grab a cold one from this rockin' fridge.


"Gimme Fuel, Gimme Fire....Gimme Two-Hundred dollars for passing go!" Monopoly is awesome. Metallica Monopoly is awesome-er, if that's a word. The board is filled with song titles and band references. Instead of building houses and hotels you're building stadiums for Metallica to play in.


Look, let's be honest, you can't play like Jimi Hendrix....nobody can. However you can look like Hendrix with this Olympic White Fender Strat. It even has the reverse head stock so it looks like you're playing it upside-down even if you're not. Lighter fluid and matches not included.


Kinda along the same lines as the Jimi Hendrix guitar, only a whole heck of a lot cheaper. Grab these air guitar strings as the perfect gag stocking stuffer for someone who plays a mean air guitar.


If you love rock, like I love rock, you want to know everything about the music, the bands, and the outrageous stories that go along with them. This book includes them all. Then the next time you're listening to The Q you can spout off all kinds of useless facts about the band that's playing.


You want a rockin' Chirstmas tree this year? Sure ya do. Nothin' says I rock, even at the holidays, more than hanging these mini guitar ornaments on your tree. They make awesome white-elephant gifts too.


BONUS: Nobody NEEDS the giant head of Ozzy Osbourne, but everyone should WANT one. Ozzy's head is almost two feet tall! Now you just need to find a huge headless bat.

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