Saratoga Brewfest is this weekend, so study up on which local breweries you need to check out while you're there! 

Saratoga Brewfest is returning for another year of fun, sun, and drinking at the Saratoga Race Course. With over 200 special releases, there will be something for everyone to love! Let's highlight some of the breweries close to home that will make an appearance -

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    We're hoping Saranac's seasonal 'S'more' beer will be at this year's Brewfest! It definitely sounds interesting -- something that should be enjoyed camping near a roaring fire. We're also looking forward to trying 'Cloud Spitter', another seasonal ale from Saranac.

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    Ithaca's 'Flower Power' is just so great -- even though we've sampled it plenty at home, we're still hoping it makes an appearance at Brewfest! We're also dying to try their seasonal ale, 'Daydreamer'.

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    Maybe Ommegang's limited 'Soothsayer' will be available for tasting at Brewfest. There's nothing better than tasting an exclusive release from an amazing brewery close to home! If not, we'll always be happy to sample 'Rare Vos' -- you with us?

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    We're so excited to try the Irish Blonde Ale from Upstate Brewing Co. at Brewfest! Their Spring I.P.A is also on our must-have list. What better taste for Springtime than a beer that actually has 'Spring' in the title?

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    Not a beer person? We've got you covered! 1911's 'Heritage Dry' cider has undertones of vanilla and caramel (heaven). Who wouldn't love that? We also can't wait to try their 'Sweet Apple' cider! There's nothing like a crisp, cool cider on a hot day.