It's officially Fall! I don't know about you, but there's certain songs that just really stick out each season to me.  Particularly for the Fall, my favorite season full of everything spooky, dreary, and morose.  So of course it's necessary to have a rock soundtrack to match. Here's 5 songs that I absolutely need to listen to this season to get in the mood.  Let me know what yours are!

  • 1

    The Ramones: Pet Semetary

    "Under the arc of a weather stain boards,
    Ancient goblins, and warlords..." If the music didn't put you in a dark, spooky Autumn mood, those lyrics definitely will. This one's a classic that I listen to year round, but it's just not Autumn without it.

  • 2

    The Misfits: Scarecrow Man

    Aside from the wailing vocals singing "Scarecrow maaaan" and the phenomenal Mistfits style, the title alone should have you sold on adding this to your Autumn soundtrack.  But if you needed more convincing, check out these lyrics:

    "Hangin' in a field you'll never know I'm out here
    I'm telling you people best beware
    I creep into town, I'm hunting my prey
    Back on my post by the crack of day"
  • 3

    Rob Zombie: Living Dead Girl

    It's not the Fall without Rob Zombie. Period. End of story.  Who needs Halloween, why not just dress up and rock out to Rob Zombie on your own.  I mean, I do...

  • 4

    Alice Cooper: Feed My Frankenstein

    I'm beyond exciting Alice is coming back to the Palace this  year!  October 4th couldn't come soon enough, but in the meantime, I'll be listening to this one on repeat.  This song has some great guitar parts and a spooky melodic sound that makes it a staple for the Fall.  Throw in Alice Cooper live performing this with a huge stage production? Pure dark demonic heaven.

  • 5

    The Doors: People are Strange

    Could a song be a more perfect specimen of haunting rock and roll.  The ominous sound mixed with Jim Morrison's vocals just screams short days, long nights, and spook.  On top of just being a straight up great song, it's a perfect song to add to your Autumn soundtrack.  Maybe throw in The Lost Boys on your DVD player while you're at it!

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