The NFL lockout is heading into its 3rd month, what are we going to do on Sunday if in fact there is no NFL football this season?  What will we bet on? What about fantasy football? Are we going to have to spend "family time"? Here are 5 idea's for things to do on Sunday should there be no NFL.

#5 Pray that Major League Baseball expands its season to go to at least November.   M.L.B. are talking about adding more teams to its playoff scenario which will them cause the World Series to end just before Thanksgiving,  however that probably won't happen until next year.

#4 Become a Soccer fan.   If you are a NFL fan then you know that European "football" or otherwise known as American soccer is BORING! Even if you buy a vuvuzela, nothing beats a good helmet to helmet hit.

#3 Get some extra sleep.  No NFL means no need to be up early to catch the pre-game, check the waiver wire to set your fantasy line ups, get the most up to date line or be up late to watch Sunday night or Monday night football.   The best thing is perhaps you can dream about your favorite team.

#2 Watch NFL Classic or College Football -  Its about as close as you can get to actually having an NFL season.  You could scout the college prospects that your team could draft next year or pretend that you didn't see the game where Joe Montana threw "The Catch".

#1 Help around the house.  OMG! Isn't there an unwritten rule that no man should work on Sunday?  Your wife or girlfriend will love that you are home to help vacuum,  do the laundry,  plan dinner, watch the kids or tame the lawn you neglected the past week.  I say run as fast as you can!

Please Roger Goodell and the players of the NFL- agree on something! We need football!  We'll be forced to clean, cook and not watch TV on Sundays.   We need to feel like men, yell at the TV, constantly check our phones for score updates and concentrate on our team to help them win!