American Idol is down to the final eight and Madison Vandenberg is poised to win it all, but she needs our votes. Here's how to vote for Madison up to thirty times on Sunday night. Madison Vandenberg, from Cohoes, could win this season's American Idol because of her immense talent. But voting is the only way to ensure she can move on in the competition. There are three different ways you can vote for her and you have thirty votes per person.

First, you must know that you can only vote during the show on Sunday, April 28th. Voting begins at 8pm when the show starts and ends at the last commercial break. Then the results are read and a contestant is eliminated.

Here are the three ways to vote. First, you can text the number 8 to 21523. Madison's contestant number is 8 that's why, to vote for her, you must text the number 8. The second way to vote is to do it through the American Idol app and finally, you can go directly to the website You can vote ten times per way.

It's Queen week on American Idol Sunday at 8pm on News 10 ABC. Let's make sure we all do our part and help Madison move on in the competition.

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