Some people don't like going out and celebrating the change of the year. That's totally fine!  A lot of people have to work tomorrow and need to get to bed early.  That's totally fine!  Some people can't stand all the traffic on the roads, or get anxiety in large social situations.  That's OK!  Here's a few ways to indulge your inner antisocial this New Years Eve, and still have fun.

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    Read a Book

    Months ago, I posted about the Top 5 rock biographies for summer reading.  Well, just because it's winter doesn't mean you can't read, enjoy rock and roll, and have fun.  Grab a good book, get rocking, and avoid the crowds!

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    Watch a Documentary

    After I got stuck having surgery last winter and was cooped up at home, I posted about my Top 5 rock documentaries to watch.  If you're not a reader, switch to the TV, internet, or DVD player instead!  Avoid those crowds, get comfy, and get rocking with a good rockumentary!

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    Rock to Steve Miller and Steve Winwood

    There's free coffee being given out in the Capital Region tonight.  Grab some coffee to help you stay awake, set up your radio or turn on the q103 app, and rock in the comfort of your own home to our two specials tonight!  At 7 pm we've got Steve Winwood's Greatest Hits Live, and at 8 pm we've got the Steve Miller Band's Ultimate Hits!  If you've got an Amazon Echo, you can also rock to Q103 on that too!

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    Listen to a Podcast

    With the new "Generation X Files" podcast, you could listen to hour-long debates and discussions on everything from horror movies to technology.  The catch is that Tatiana and Dan America debate which generation was better in each topic- Generation X or Millennials.  It's a podcast full of satire, comedy, facts, and is sure to give you a laugh but also help you avoid the crowds tonight.  Available on iTunes or GooglePlay!

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    The ultimate form of avoidance!  Who needs anything but some blissful, quiet, restful sleep (If you can tell me where I can find some of that, please let me know as I haven't had a good nights sleep in years!).  But, if you're one of those who has the super power to relax and get some shut eye, why not indulge.  Who needs crowds! Who needs craziness! Tomorrow's another day of waking up, and why not wake up refreshed.

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