What does a Rock Girl do after she's had surgery and is laid up for a week at home?  Well after posting on Instagram about Q103 while still coming out of anesthesia ( Rock Girl Tatiana posts about Q103 ), and finally getting home, I went through my top rock documentaries.  I may be stuck at home for a week, but it won't stop me from rocking!  And by now, I'm pretty sure my DVD player is going to start blowing smoke or shooting sparks- not from the constant overuse the past week, but from the amount of rock played.  So here's my list of the top 5 documentaries that I watched over the past week:

1) "Eagles of Death Metal: Nos Amis (Our Friends)" - I caught this on HBO actually, and don't own it on DVD. It's a new documentary out about the band and the infamous terrorist attack at Paris' Bataclan Club.  Directed by Colin Hanks, it's a documentary that not just rocked, but covered the spectrum of emotions from giving me hope to moving me to tears.  With raw, in-depth, and at times brutally honest interviews from members of Eagles of Death Metal, members of U2, and others involved alike, the documentary also included footage of the time period after the attack, and the build up to the band performing once again in Paris.  Truly worth the watch.

2) "Underoath: Define the Great Line Special Edition DVD"- A favorite not just because this album alone was a momentous occasion in my life and helped to shape my love of rock music, but really, who doesn't want to watch fun band shenanigans and awesome footage of a young drum-legend Aaron Gillespie practicing drum solos.

3) "Foo Fighters: Live At Wembley Stadium" - I'm never NOT in the mood for the Foo Fighters. Watching them perform live from 2008 on DVD at one of the most epic arenas out there?! Check yes. Put that one on repeat.

4) "Avenged Sevenfold: All Excess" - A great look inside the history of the Huntington Beach, California-based band featuring interviews, stories, and footage dating back to the late 1990's. Avenged Sevenfold is one of my all-time favorite bands, and I can't watch this one enough. With a powerful story behind them, you get completely sucked in watching the band develop from nothing to something.

5) "It Might Get Loud" - Starring Jimmy Page, The Edge, and Jack White. Need I say more? For the music nerds out there like me, this one is a must.

Enjoy your Rocking!