That's it. I'm officially not leaving the Capital Region until winter is over.

In case you haven't noticed, Upstate New York has been hit with some seriously cold weather recently and these crazy temperatures have resulted in some crazy lake effect snow action on top of the regular abundance of snow this time of year for Central and Western New York.

This afternoon things got so bad in Western New York that at least 75 cars have been reportedly involved in a major accident on the New York State Thruway.

According to News10 the crash happened going eastbound near Ransom Road after the Williamsville toll booth in Lancaster New York (Buffalo) near exit 48-50. Apparently 22 vehicles were involved directly and multiple extractions were needed. There were two very serious injuries, one critical. However most injuries reported are minor. So far.

I can enjoy the beauty of the snow. After spending a few years in Syracuse there are times where I kind of miss it (kind of) but that lake effect snow is no joke. I have been stuck in a couple of snowstorms while traveling and it is just plain scary. I no longer have any desire to be driving especially on a major roadway when the snow is falling that hard. I'm hoping that everyone makes it out of this wreck okay and I think I'm done with any road traveling until spring hits. I mean just check out this video posted by News 4 in Buffalo. No Thank You.


Stay safe out there this winter.


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