A Christmas Story is my favorite holiday movie and I have seen it over 1,000 times. Ever since the 24 hours of A Christmas Story Marathon first aired in 1997, others seem to think that they are: The King of Cleveland St. If this is you, then your full of beans and so is your old man. I am The King of Cleveland St what does it look like I am doing picking goobers?


Before 1997, like most people, I would watch A Christmas Story once or twice during the Holiday season.Of course it was not enough. Thank Red Rider and his peacemaker for the 24 hour marathon, because by 1998 I began watching it obsessively.

It is mathematically impossible for anyone to of seen A Christmas Story over 1,000 times watching the 24 hour marathon alone. Fortunately I had an advantage that not all people did and will never have again.

I used to work at something called a "Video Store" where people would actually pay to rent these rectangular things called VHS tapes and DVDs for 7 days. Because I had such a secure job at a business that would last until the end of time, I was able to play A Christmas Story over and over again from November 28th to December 25th, 5 days a week for 8-10 hours a day for 2 years.

Some Monday Noodles and Clod Hoppers tried to hide, destroy, rent out and physically restrain me from playing my beloved Christmas Story.

After the Video Store went out of business for some strange reason. My wife gave me the gift that keeps on giving: My very own copy of a A Christmas Story. For 6 years I have been watching A Christmas Story 3-6 times a day from November 28th to December 25th. My copy of A Christmas Story is no longer functional.

Good News: You can be the New King of Cleveland St! because I have not watched A Christmas Story once this year. The person who watched the movie the most wins! Take a Selfie of yourself at the beginning and end of each viewing and hashtag XmassStoryChallenge 

Bad News: I will be defending my title.