I have sampled a lot of chicken wings in my time but none of those wings can compare to the wings my good friend Kirpaul makes that he calls "The Spirit of Buffalo."

2 years ago Kirpaul introduced me to "The Spirit of Buffalo" at our Super Bowl Party, not knowing how spicy they really were I loaded up my plate with 7 of the wings thinking I would burn through them but it was I that would be burned.

After the first wing I felt the pain of the spirit but I kept going like a warrior after 3 i was in tears and hiccuping and I learned then someone else at the party consumed 4 of them before I had arrived, although it hurt and it almost made me puke, I finished 5 of these bad boys before I tapped out.

Then I met DJ Supreme and he is laughing while eating the same wings that made me cry.

In the defense of my hair: I wake up at 4:20 AM every morning to give you people the Free Beer and Hot Wings Morning Show, don't judge me.

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