I mean, I guess this is fitting news since Halloween is coming up.  And this seems like something straight out of a horror movie.

This is just straight up bizarre to me though.  In fact, I actually clicked the news link thinking it was a joke.  But nope, you can actually get the tattooed skin of your dead but loved ones preserved.  PRESERVED.  How about some framed preserved skin hanging out around the house.  Or, how about a tattooed skin lamp too? (because that's where my mind goes with this).

Anyways, according to a post by website dustyoldthing.com, this is a business that exists.  It was developed by a mortician and her son.  The article discusses all of the artwork put into tattoos, and the beauty of preserving them.  Ok, I don't disagree that tattoos are beautiful and works of art.  But still, this is just too creepy for me.  Would you be interested?  If so, let us know (pure curiosity).  And you can get more info here.

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