Saint Patrick's Day is long gone, the drinking has stopped for most of us and we are over our hangovers, all that we have now are memories like this video, that has the feel of a Woody Allen movie.

Shamus McQ arrived at the station after 11 a.m. to pick up his shirt, Shamus had spent days in the Capital Region topless and people were beginning to ask questions about his shamrock nipples, when Shamus arrived a man from Michigan named Nick gave Shamus a shirt to wear and then tried to poison Shamus with something called Faygo.

Shamus refused to drink the Faygo because he knew it would turn him into a clown, he did not hold anything against Nick because he knew that Nick had drank the Faygo and that the clown virus was taking over Nick's brain.

Shamus posed for pictures with the Townsquare staff, thinking that one of them must know where his pot of gold is and that in order to find it, he had to get close to one of them, so he rode around the town of Colonie with Nick and was terrified at his Michigan style driving, "It must be all the Faygo" Shamus thought.

It was eventually revealed that the one who knew the location of Shamus's gold was a woman named Jessica The Hudson, Shamus met with her at a local bar where she lured him into a car, promising that she would tell him where his gold is.

Jessica The Hudson then told Shamus that in order to get his pot of gold back he must go to Schenectady and make short videos of himself reading riddles that The Hudson wrote herself, dance in the dangerous streets of Schenectady and hand out green beads to patrons at Katie O'Byrnes in order to get his pot of gold back.

Shamus feared that The Hudson was attempting to fool him and that her plan was to steal his pot of gold, so he called Krystal the Rock Girl to help him.

Together, Shamus and Krystal completed the tasks that The Hudson set before them and eventually Shamus's pot of gold was returned to him, however there was one problem, it was Saint Patrick's Day and no one bought Shamus a beer.

Then a hero came along...

enough sad

Michigan Nick and Jessica The Hudson were in on it together, they were attempting to keep Shamus from drinking on Saint Patrick's Day because they knew, that if Shamus did not consume any of his Irish elixir, Shamus would become weak, and then they could steal his gold.

Thanks to the man in the picture, Shamus never lost his strength, and were able to return to Leprechaun Land with his pot of gold.

There was no riot in Schenectady on Saint Patrick's Day, what's your problem Albany?


The End


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