There seems to be a growing problem in offices around the world.  Well, maybe not the world, but at least here at the Q103 studios.  People stealing coffee mugs.  It's just shameful.


It's something that seems to be happening way too often in our offices here in the beautiful pinebush.  Mystery co-workers swiping coffee mugs as if they were their own.  It has happened to our news girl Casey, and now it's happening to the producer of the morning show on our sister station, WGNA.

People should be able to bring things into the office without having to worry about them being taken or used by others.  Personally, I bring my own coffee cream in because the coffee provided by our company is battery acid.  The only thing that makes it taste good is some flavored cream.  I wouldn't mind sharing the cream, but I hate when people sneak it.  Just ask, I'll share.

Using other peoples coffee mugs is inexcusable though.  Most of us have brought in our own mugs because the office doesn't supply cups.  So what would possess someone to just grab a random one from the kitchen, or off someones desk?  Or how about stealing food from the fridge?  Are we animals?  Now too be honest, some people in the radio biz are filthy, not all, just some.  Can't we all just respect everyone's property though?  That's all I'm asking.