Halloween is over, the candy is gone, or you're hoarding it and your teeth hurt, but you want 'just one more candy bar.'

If you were hungover on Sunday, then you probably complained about it on Monday and annoyed your classmates and co-workers.

It's November now, and the next holiday is my personal favorite, Thanksgiving, I have been known to stand on my soap box and preach about how you should not go shopping, others will constantly remind you that history has lied to you about Thanksgiving, and that you should protest the holiday for various reasons,

I am not going to do that this year, instead I am going to be a good American, and play along, so I would like to help you all prepare.

Now what did we learn?

I learned that you can have soup on Thanksgiving, I never had soup on Thanksgiving, but I learned that you can have soup on Thanksgiving, but you can not make a sound while eating it, or something bad will happen.

I also learned that all Moms, know how to cook a turkey, they just know, and all Dads know how to carve, they just know, and all creepy kids wearing matching sweaters love to watch Mom & Dad do these things, that they just know how to do.

Every Mom knows how to roast and every Dad knows how to carve, it's common knowledge, and if you did not know this, then you don't get any turkey, and you have to move to Canada.

That is just a small fraction of what I have learned from this video, now it is your turn, to tell me what you learned.