Leave it to Wendy's and McDonald's to provide some comic relief in 2020.

This year's been crazy, so any kind of humor (in my opinion) is appreciated.  Who knew it would come in the form of a new food item on McDonald's menu.

I recently read that McDonald's is debuting a new spicy chicken nugget, along with a new Chips Ahoy McFlurry.  I am in no way going to lie, my first thought when I saw 'spicy chicken nugget' was 'yes, who can I have an all you can eat competition with'.

Then I googled the chicken nugget online, and saw a Fox News article about Wendy's slamming the new nugget.  Because of course, by August amidst the pandemic, social unrest, and economic stress, this is the news I chose to click on.  Wendy's- who have been feisty in the past- apparently took to their Twitter so slam the new nugget.  A pretty harsh slam too I must say. So here's your laugh for the day, take a peek at the tweet: