From murderous scarecrows, to deranged nurses, to an abandoned slasher movie-set quality motel, the “Headless Horseman Hayrides & Haunted Houses” in Ulster Park, NY is a Halloween event you don’t want to miss out on.  Only about an hour south of Albany, one general admission ticket gets you about three hours worth of Halloween scares.

Now- I am a huge Halloween fanatic.  So with my expectations, I’m not easily sold on Halloween outings.  Much like I have a love of heavy metal, rock and roll, and the occult themes in rock, I also have an equally absurd passion for Halloween.  I fall asleep to scary movies and start planning my costume six months in advance.

When I started reading reviews about the “Headless Horseman Hayrides” however, I was intrigued and decided to get a pair of tickets.  After spending three hours on site last night, I was far from disappointed.

I walked through haunted houses that rivaled horror movie sets, and saw almost as many guts as in a Rob Zombie movie.  I had screams and scares, and a constant level of adrenaline.  From the time I sat on the back of the hayride at arrival, to the time I exited the door of the last haunted house with blood spatters all around, I felt like a kid in a candy shop.

As a Halloween fanatic, I can say this is an attraction to check out!  Get all the info at  I’m looking forward to checking out more Halloween attractions that the Capital Region and Hudson Valley have to offer in the next few weeks!! Oh- and if you really want to get your Halloween feelings on, make sure that you tune in to Q103 each week night from 9-midnight to catch our new Q103 host, Alice Cooper!